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XPEL Paint Protection Film Waiver

Please fill out the following form for XPEL Paint Protection Film Application and Removal 

  1.  Do not pressure wash your vehicle for the first three weeks  after XPEL Paint Protection Film installation. This can cause lifting and peeling of the film during the initial tacking period. 

  2. When washing the vehicle do not force water at the seams of the Paint Protection Film. This can cause the film to lift and peel.

  3. Please note that existing rock chips will appear as PPF imperfections if we install PPF over them. We use methods to mitigate the negative appearance of rock chips under the film, but the older the vehicle the more likely that is has existing rock chips that will stand out. 

  4. Due to the aggressive adhesion of PPF there are times when the film will lift the paint or clearcoat off the car during installation or removal. Bravo Cleaning Services Ltd. cannot be held liable for this. Since vehicle history is unknow, we can say brand new OEM factory paint is less likely to be an issue with lifting but often re-painted panels are problematic. Lifting, bubbling, current and future blistering or delamination of the paint fit this category. This includes non-factory paint such as dealership touch-ups prior to delivery that are not always evident. 

  5. It is possible and normal within the industry, to notice some minor lifting that needs to be trimmed at the two-three week mark post installation. We make every attempt to avoid this but it is normal to have to trim some areas. 

Thanks for submitting!

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