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Avoid An Expensive Roof Replacement By Removing Moss, Algae And Mold From Your Shingles

Let Us Climb The Ladders

Bravo Cleaning's field crew will take care of your roof moss. Keeping your roof free of moss extends the life of your shingles. When moss is left on a roof, it grows into the crevasses and holds moisture. In freezing climates if you don’t kill roof moss it can be especially detrimental to you roof due to the freezing, thawing and expansion of the water in the moss. This damage can be avoided by removing moss early on.

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Looking To Do It Yourself? 

Our field technicians use Wash Safe Canada's hydrogen peroxide based products. These products won't harm your pets, children or landscaping. If you are looking to remove your roof moss on your own, you can pick this product up at Bravo Cleaning.

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