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大约 20 年前,Dave Reniero 最初是一家小型副业,最终变成了一家成熟的清洁企业。 Dave 将他的业务增长归功于他的忠实客户,不仅因为他使用了他的公司,还因为他将公司推荐给了其他人。戴夫知道,在一个人人都有联系的小镇上,口碑的力量是强大的。这总是让他加倍努力,以确保所有工作都做得很好,并让他的客户满意。多年来,由于公司的良好声誉,他能够增加新的设备、服务和员工。
Dave 已经在 Terrace 生活了超过 23 年,他最初来自不列颠哥伦比亚省西北部地区。他出生在鲁珀特王子城,然后住在史密瑟斯,直到 1998 年搬到泰瑞斯。他喜欢户外活动以及这里提供的所有娱乐机会,因为它的地理位置多样化。 
Dave 对 Terrace 小企业的未来持积极态度。他对最近的增长感到鼓舞,包括他自己的业务的增长。他期待未来有更大的增长。

Dave Reniero Headshot
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Amber Webb

Janitorial Sales Consultant 

Amber Webb joined the Bravo team back in 2019 as the Janitorial Sales Consultant to manage the janitorial supplies department. She enjoys connecting with the community, providing solutions for all her customers as well as helping set up new clients with all their janitorial supplies. Amber values her customers and finds satisfaction in helping them find the products that best fit their needs.

Carla Headshot.jpg

Carla Rathgaber

Janitorial Supervisor 

Carla started with Bravo Cleaning Services as our janitorial services supervisor in 2021. Carla enjoys providing services to our community. She finds enjoyment in helping seniors in need get into a clean space. The genuine connection Carla has to her customers makes her a memorable member of our team. 

Justin Headshot (Large).jpg

Justin Robinson

Field Supervisor, MFS Hood Vent Certified

Justin Robinson has been part of Bravo Cleaning Services since 2013. He began as a field technician and with his dedication, performance, and exceptional work ethic he now manages our field crew. He takes pride in ensuring the exterior of his customers homes, businesses, and heavy equipment are cleaned to perfection. Justin enjoys connecting with his customers and helping them in anyway he can.  

Christian headshot.jpg

Christian Brechun 

XPEL, CWFI (certified window film installer), PDR, Paint Correction Tech

Christian joined the team at Bravo Cleaning Services in 2018. Christian is a car enthusiast and appreciates providing paint protection, window tinting, and paint correction to his customers to keep their vehicles looking their best. Christian completed his XPEL certification through WD Co-Auto, his PDR training through PDR Canada, his Window Tint training through Tint Academy Canada, and his paint correction and ceramic coating training through both Diamond Kote & Glidecoat.  


Bravo Cleaning Field Crew infront of van



Bravo Cleaning Detail Crew standing infront of shop



Bravo Cleaning Janitorial crew standing infront of shop



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