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Automotive Window Tinting 

Not only does Automotive Window Tint give your vehicle increased privacy, but it also helps protects your vehicle from harmful UV Rays.

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Preserve The Interior Of Your Vehicle 

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Increased Privacy 

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Helps With Solar Rejection

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Shattered Glass Protection 

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Window Tinting in British Columbia 

Automotive Window Tint in British Columbia is not completely illegal, but there are restrictions regarding which windows you are allowed to tint and to which degree. The regulations that have been put in place in regard to window tinting have been created in order to keep drivers safe. 


When the light transmission is limited so is your vision. This can lead to accidents as you are less likely to see hazards on the road. In order to mitigate the chances of such accidents occurring, window tinting laws are in place.  

Is It Legal To Tint Front Windows In B.C.?

In British Columbia it is illegal to have any any reflective window tint on your front windows. This means that the driver seat window and front passenger seat window are not allowed to have reflective tint. The main reason for this is to ensure that individuals such as police officers can look into the driving seat in order to assess the driver and the interior of the car during any kind of routine stop. It also ensures that the driver has a completely unobstructed view of their surroundings.

Although in BC you are not allowed to have reflective tint applied to your front windows, you are allowed to install optically clear UV-blocking window film. The main reason this type of clear window film is allowed is to reduce the risk of skin cancer as the clear film prevents UV rays from entering your car without reducing your visibility.

What Is The Darkest Legal Tint In B.C.?

Any darkness of window tint can be used in British Columbia on the rear windows. You are not allowed to apply any degree of tint to the front windows. 

Is It Legal For The Windshield To Be Tinted?

In British Columbia you are allowed to have the top 7.5cm of the windshield tinted. 

For all other inquires regarding window tint restrictions please refer to the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act, section 7.05 

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