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A ceramic coating ensures your vehicle keeps its “showroom shine” for years. We offer the application of CarPro ceramic coatings for any type of vehicle. 

What a Ceramic Coating Can Do

  • It’s hydrophobic: This means the ceramic coating is essentially self-cleaning. The result: your car paint remains cleaner for longer in between washes. 

  • It is anti-stick: You know how mud and dirt can cling onto a vehicle? This isn’t an issue for cars that possess a ceramic coating, as it is a repellent for both mud and dirt. 

  • It lasts for years: Instead of waxing or other methods that last a couple of months at best, you can be safe in the knowledge that a ceramic coating lasts for a number of years. 

  • A waxed look at all times: Speaking of waxing, you also don’t miss out on that shine and gloss, which is typically associated with wax. 

  • Protection against UV rays, oxidation, and stains: The ceramic coating ensures a number of potential issues are stopped in their tracks. You no longer have to worry about the sun or chemicals causing stains.

CQuartz UK 3.0 Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is used to cover a car with a second layer. This coating, which is clear and doesn’t alter the vehicle’s paintwork, helps to protect against various issues. Essentially, think of a ceramic coating as a shield against common problems that often degrade the appearance of a car.

CarPro Paint Ceramic Coating in a bottle

How does this work exactly? Well, ceramic coatings utilize nanotechnology, which is where tiny particles form together to create an exceptionally fine, thin layer that’s invisible to the naked eye. As for what these particles consist of, the coating’s liquid formula will usually include ceramic, quartz, or glass. The use of such materials helps to explain why the coating offers better protection than a standard clear-coating to many things such as:

  • Etching

  • Chemicals that cause stains 

  • Oxidation

  • UV Rays

Of course, that’s only the start of what the coating can do. Going back to how it functions, the ceramic coating will bond to the paint when applied. It’s a semi-permanent bond, but it can last for ten years or more.

DLux Plastic & Wheel Ceramic Coating 

A ceramic coating is also useful when dealing with the wheels of a car. In fact, it supplies three significant benefits. 

First of all, you have to keep in mind that your wheels are vulnerable. This is obvious. They are the lowest part of any car, and they will be traversing over and being hit by road debris consistently. Due to this, you will want to provide them with as much protection as possible – a ceramic coating is one way of doing that.

CarPro Wheel Specific Ceramic Coating in a bottle

The other two main benefits of ceramic coating for wheels relates to aesthetics. The coating is particularly helpful when it comes to cleaning. Contaminants stop bonding with the wheels, which means you don’t have to clean them as regularly. Plus, when you do have to get the bucket of water and sponge out, the process is naturally made easier due to the lower amount of contaminants present.  

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