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Bodrum Marina

Marine Ceramic Coating 

Climatic conditions have proven to be very harsh on today’s yachts, boats, and watercraft. High UV levels, acid rain, dirt, and salt in the air require an almost endless amount of maintenance. All boats on the water employ marine gel coat or paint, polished metal, fabrics, and canvas. All of which suffer from corrosion and damage caused by salt, dirt, and UV rays.

Glidecoat uses Nano-technology and state of the art polymers to fill in the microscopic pores and scratches on surfaces like marine gel coat, marine paint, and polished metal like stainless steel and brass. Glidecoat's professional ceramic coatings make your boat’s surface hydrophobic and super smooth. Contaminates like dirt, salt, and fish blood can be rinsed away because they are not absorbed into the surface, they are actually sitting on top of it.

Glidecoat is a hard coating, unlike wax and other polishes. A Glidecoat surface is diamond-hard creating a barrier that, depending on your location and climate, will last for up to 18 months. The hard polymer coating also reflects UV rays instead of dampening them like wax, giving you maximum protection. Now you can restore dark and light colors that are chalky and sun-faded to a more vibrant, deeper color with a better-than-new shine.

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